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Own the Eights: An Enemies-To-Lovers Romantic Comedy

Own the Eights: An Enemies-To-Lovers Romantic Comedy

by Krista Sandor

FBT review:

Are you tired of shallow, egotistical jerks? Then you'll love Own the Eights, an enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy by Krista Sandor.

Georgie Jensen, a bookshop owner, runs the blog Own the Eights, giving advice on how to avoid superficial relationships and find true love with a solid, reliable partner. Jordan Marks, a top fitness trainer, promotes being a perfect ten on his blog. When they are forced to team up for an online competition, sparks fly and opinions clash.

As they spend more time together, Georgie and Jordan realize that love is more than just a number. Will they break free from their preconceived notions and discover that opposites really do attract?

Own the Eights is the first book in the Own the Eights Series, following Georgie and Jordan on their journey through love's ups and downs. With sizzling chemistry and witty banter, this enemies-to-lovers tale will keep you hooked from start to finish.

Whether you're a fan of indie books or looking for your next great read, Own the Eights is a must-read for anyone who loves a fun and engaging romance.

Publisher Description:

All’s fair in love and blogging...or is it?

Bookshop owner, Georgie Jensen, is done with shallow jerks. Her Own the Eights blog dishes out advice on how to steer clear of egotistical creeps only concerned with looks and status. Her focus is finding one’s true soulmate—not the superficial ten but the solid, reliable eight.

Jordan Marks is the city’s top fitness trainer who won’t settle for anything less than the best. His blog promotes working hard, playing harder, and striving to always be—you guessed it—a ten.

When these two opposites are forced to team-up for an online competition, opinions clash and mouse pads fly.

The twist? There can only be one winner, and if Georgie wants to keep her shop open, that winner needs to be her.

But the more time this eight and this ten spend together, the more they learn that, when it comes to love, a number might not be what matters the most.

Georgie and Jordan’s story begins with Own the Eights, the first book in the Own the Eights Series. While this book can be read as a standalone, the series follows Jordan and Georgie as they navigate the ups and downs of love with sizzling chemistry and witty banter.

★Books in the Series

Own the Eights

Own the Eights Gets Married

Own the Eights Maybe Baby

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