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Gabe (Kincaid Security & Investigations Book 6)

by Apryl Baker

FBT review:

Looking for your next captivating indie romance novel? Look no further than "Gabe" by Apryl Baker. In this gripping installment of the Kincaid Security & Investigations series, Gabriel Knorlin, a man scarred by tragedy, finds himself drawn to Assistant ADA Abagail Crawford. As Abbey gets caught up in a dangerous murder investigation and drug cartel case, Gabe becomes her reluctant bodyguard. Their undeniable attraction and shared history add a thrilling twist to their mission. Will they be able to navigate their feelings and survive the cartel's threats? With Apryl Baker's signature blend of suspense and romance, "Gabe" is the perfect choice for fans of indie book titles looking for their next heart-pounding read. Don't miss out on this thrilling tale of love and danger. Get your copy today!

Publisher Description:

Gabriel Knorlin has spent his life protecting himself from the kind of pain no one should ever have to endure. The tragedy he survived sculpted every decision he ever made.

The one decision he regretted? Abagail Crawford—a woman he calls family, but one he’s kept at arm’s length. He can’t live through the pain of losing someone he loves again.

Only fate has kicked him in the balls and placed Abbey squarely in his lap. His only goal is to protect her from the Los Muertos cartel.

Her own insistence on getting herself killed aside, he’s afraid he’ll give in to his desires and it’ll cost him the only family he has.


Assistant ADA Abagail Crawford finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation. A colleague was killed, and Abbey’s been given his investigation into a drug cartel and now his murder. She’s not equipped to handle it. Her specialty is white collar crime, but fake it ‘til you make it, right?

Her brother, of course, insists on Gabe being her bodyguard until the investigation and trial are over. Considering what happened to her predecessor, she can’t argue with him.

There is a problem, however.

She’s loved Gabe since she was twelve years old. When she confessed her feelings for him, he sister-zoned her in the most embarrassing and hurtful way. She’s avoided him like the plague ever since.

But now, she can’t escape the attraction. She discovers the man has feelings for her, and it’s up to her to figure out why he’s so afraid.

Hopefully, she can get the guy before they both end up on the receiving end of a bullet. She just has to convince one very reluctant, stubborn man they’re worth fighting for.

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