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Beryl's Blessing

Beryl's Blessing (Gems of Grace Book 3)

by Edwina Kiernan

FBT review:

Looking for your next indie book romance fix? Look no further than "Beryl's Blessing (Gems of Grace Book 3)" by Edwina Kiernan. This heartwarming story takes place in Regency England and follows Beryl Haywood, a woman who has spent the last five years in solitude after a tragic accident. When an arranged marriage comes her way, Beryl wonders if it could be the blessing she needs to heal. Meanwhile, Frederick Sinclair, haunted by guilt from his time in the French battlefields, hopes that the marriage can bring him some peace. But as they navigate their new relationship, a shocking discovery threatens to shake them to their core.

With its clean and sweet Christian themes of forgiveness and redemption, this standalone novel will capture your heart. Award-winning author Edwina Kiernan delivers an engaging story filled with captivating twists and turns. So, why wait? Dive into "Beryl's Blessing" and let the romance and intrigue sweep you away. Get your copy now and escape into the captivating world of this indie bestseller.

Publisher Description:

She’s used to being alone...

...he can’t get away from his guilty conscience.

Will an arranged marriage help them heal, or force them to confront a long-hidden truth and new depths of despair?

Five years ago, Beryl Haywood was crippled in an accident that claimed two lives. Since then, reading and painting have been the only companions to her long, lonely days.

Could an arranged marriage be a blessing in disguise? Or will it drive her to more anguish than she’s ever known?

Frederick Sinclair is struggling to adapt to normality after returning from the French battlefields. A hefty weight of guilt and regret weighs on him, taunting him that he’ll never be free from it.

Will his unexpected marriage be a pleasant distraction? Or will it confirm his deepest fears and crush him even more?

As the newlyweds begin to wonder if love might lie ahead, a startling discovery shakes them each to the core, threatening to snatch away the future they’d begun to hope they might share...

• Can be read as a standalone novel

• Clean and sweet Christian historical romance set in Regency England

You'll love this compelling Christian historical romance from an award-winning author, with its uplifting theme of forgiveness and redemption, and its captivating twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages.

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