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Be Thou My Vision

Be Thou My Vision

by Faith Blum

FBT review:

Looking for a captivating indie romance eBook to delve into? Look no further than "Be Thou My Vision" by Faith Blum. This heartwarming tale follows Anna Stuart, a spinster yearning for more excitement and purpose in her life. When she starts attending church against her father's wishes, Anna discovers a newfound meaning and meets two motherless boys, John and James. As she offers her help to their father, Anna's life takes an unexpected turn. However, rumors threaten to shatter her newfound happiness. Will Anna and her loved ones be able to see the true vision from God amidst the turmoil? If you're searching for an inspiring, page-turning read, "Be Thou My Vision" is sure to captivate you. Grab your copy on Amazon today!

Publisher Description:

A spinster wanting something different…
Anna Stuart was comfortable with her life until the letter came. The letter shatters all the routines, comfort, and enjoyment of simply taking care of her father and older brother. As she starts to go to church—against her father’s wishes—she finds a new meaning for her life, but she wants more.

Two motherless boys…
Then she meets John and James and discovers a new purpose to her life. She offers to help their father and enjoys the challenge.

One rumor that could destroy it all.
A pastor should never be more careful who he keeps company with. Can Anna and those around her see the true vision they need from God? Or will the rumors destroy all her happiness? Again.

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