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Above the Storm

Above the Storm (Morgan Brothers Storm Series Book 1)

by Marcella DiPaolo

FBT review:

Step into the gripping world of the Morgan Brothers Storm Series with "Above the Storm" by Marcella DiPaolo. In this captivating romance novel, three brothers find themselves in the midst of the Civil War, enduring wounds and captivity. But their lives take an unexpected turn when they encounter two fearless Union sympathizers who help them escape certain death. Little did they know, one of their saviors, Teresa Kelly, is not just a young boy but a stunning and brave woman. The story unfolds as John Morgan and Teresa Kelly navigate the challenges of survival, forging a deep connection that blossoms into an extraordinary love. Journey with them through turmoil and triumph in "Above the Storm," a tale that will capture your heart and leave you yearning for more. Perfect for readers seeking an inspiring and enthralling indie book title.

Publisher Description:

Three brothers, John, Jackson and Jebidiah Morgan, joined the Union Army during the Civil War. All three were fighting in the same battle during which each was seriously wounded. Captured by the Confederates, they were to be sent to the prison in Andersonville. It meant almost certain death for all of them.
Waiting to be transferred, they were tied to a tree when two Union sympathizers, a young white boy and a huge black man, discovered them and helped them escape. Because of them, their lives were spared, and they were given food, warm beds, and medical attention. Later they found out the young lad was not a boy at all, but a young beautiful woman, Teresa Kelly, instead.
Above the Storm is the story of John Morgan and Teresa Kelly and how they helped them all to not only survive but to find love and happiness.

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