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Lifetimes & Life's Lines

Lifetimes & Life's Lines

by Kevin Heaton

FBT review:

Step into the vibrant world of "Lifetimes & Life's Lines" by Kevin Heaton, a newly released indie poetry collection that will ignite your imagination and inspire your soul. This captivating book offers a refuge from the challenges of our time, providing a celebration of hope, inspiration, and the beauty of nature. With its poetic pictorials, it encapsulates the essence of living life to the fullest. For readers seeking a unique and uplifting experience, this collection is a must-read. Whether you're perusing bestseller lists or seeking recommendations on popular blogs, "Lifetimes & Life's Lines" will captivate you with its heartfelt words and leave you inspired to embrace every moment of your own journey. Available now on

Publisher Description:

**A newly released poetry collection** Inside “Lifetimes & Life’s Lines,” you will find refuge from these challenging times. Throughout this chronicle of life’s ups and downs, there is a celebratory sense of hope, inspiration, & nature: a bodacious buffet of wordy pictorials that encapsulate what the term “Living Life to the Fullest” truly means.

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