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Social Skills for Kids 3 to 10

Social Skills for Kids 3 to 10 Kate Herm


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As a parent and teacher, you understand that every child in this world is different. Children have their own unique set of abilities, skills, and personalities.

Teaching your kid social life skills at a young age—between the ages of three and ten—provides many crucial advantages. Many studies suggest that excellent social skills help children minimize stress, play, collaborate with classmates, achieve higher academic performance, and form stronger connections with people around them. You may educate your kid on social skills by playing engaging games at home, just like you teach them to count, recite the alphabet, and discover colors.
This book has more than 90 exercises intended to teach children the social skills they will need throughout their lives, such as:
- Communication
- Cooperation
- Responsibility
- Active listening
- Empathy
- Self-Control
- Engagement
- Problem-solving
- Emotional regulation
- Respect

This book emphasized that learning these nine essential skills will allow your child to grow into a much calmer and more loving adult. Each skill teaches your child a different discipline through interactions, exercises, and games appropriate for their age.
This method is not only better for your children, their future, and your relationship with them, but it also improves their social skills and makes your life easier by increasing the collaboration you will receive from your children.