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Empath and Psychic Abilities

Empath and Psychic Abilities

by Sanyana Alaina

FBT review:

Unleash your inner psychic abilities with "Empath and Psychic Abilities" by Sanyana Alaina. In this transformative book, you'll discover how to tap into your unique gifts as an empath and psychic, empowering you to navigate the world with confidence and clarity. With a blend of psychological insights, shamanic knowledge, and practical exercises, you'll learn to unlock your intuitive knowledge, clairvoyance, and manifestation powers. Overcome insecurities, protect your energy field, and transform shadows into strengths with the guidance of an experienced healer and trauma coach. Dive into this book to embrace your true potential and live in psychic balance. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment starting from page one!

Publisher Description:

Did you know that as an empath, you are in constant use of your psychic perception, and that it doesn't take much to fully unleash your psychic gifts? If you struggle to discern between being overly sensitive and spiritually gifted, this book will change your life!

Sanyana Alaina is an established spiritual teacher and medicine woman who has helped many empaths to unfold their inner unique gifts. Now, for the first time, she is sharing her wisdom in a book. Get inspired by profound psychological insights, and ancient shamanic knowledge, and discover how you can realize your full potential.

Learn not only in theory but also in practice that you possess psychic abilities such as intuitive knowledge, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and magical manifestation powers, and how you can develop and strengthen them.

What you will get in this book:

39 time-tested exercises to invoke your innate psychic powers and build your confidence as an intuitive healer
The secret on how to turn the 5 most common shadows that might block your abilities into psychic strengths
Tips from an initiated shamanic medicine woman, intuitive healer and experienced trauma coach on how to overcome any insecurities and fiercely tap into your own greatest potential
A deep understanding of how your chakra system relates to your psychic powers
Ways to protect yourself from unwanted energies
14 tips to clear and strengthen your energy field
6 key traits of a wholesome healer

Special: With the purchase of this book you also get access to

Three recorded healing meditations for your everyday life
A powerful shamanic drum journey into the spirit world
A worksheet to transform your shadows into gifts
A worksheet to find your unique medicine
Seven magical Spotify playlists that complement the exercises in the book

If you are ready to further explore your psychic gifts, or if you feel blocked in using them, insecure about discerning and trusting your senses, and overall feel like you’re not the master of your own reality, this book will empower you and help you enter a new reality.

Even though you clearly sense energy beyond the average human range, you may have difficulty dealing with these energies. You might feel disconnected and misunderstood by those around you, or even overwhelmed by the intense energies you perceive. You might also find it difficult to interpret the energy you are receiving correctly. Most empaths are not living their abilities nearly as much as they could if they only understood their own system better.
This book will give you a whole new perspective on yourself and the world we live in, so that you can learn to recognize and use your gifts and live in psychic balance.

By the end of this book, you will know what it means to be an empath, how to work with your own traumas and shadows, how to unleash your psychic gifts, and how to use your energy to heal yourself and your surroundings. It will lure you out of your comfort zone and invite you to take a leap into the unknown to open yourself up to what you previously thought was impossible.

So if you are ready for an adventure, start on page 1!

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