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Add Fitness to Lifestyle

Add Fitness to Lifestyle

by Prateek Asthana

FBT review:

Looking to add fitness to your lifestyle without giving up your favorite meals? "Add Fitness to Lifestyle" by Prateek Asthana is the answer. This informative non-fiction book provides a practical approach to achieving your ideal body shape through smart training and wise nutrition choices. Asthana breaks down the science behind fitness, training principles, and techniques, empowering readers to design and update their own workout plans. Whether you're a beginner or struggling to maintain momentum in your fitness journey, this book offers direction and insight. Say goodbye to restrictive diets and hello to a balanced and enjoyable approach to fitness. With the knowledge shared in this book, you'll understand the fundamentals of achieving an active and healthy lifestyle. Begin your transformation today.

Publisher Description:

We all want to enjoy the meals and beverages we love and stay fit as well, isn't it?
You don't need to be completely deprived of your favourite meal to get an ideal body shape.
Have you ever tried any such diet that demands you to altogether leave certain things you love to lose fat or gain muscles? How long were you able to follow that diet?
Humans don't love restrictions. We will not discuss anything in this book series that completely restricts you from leaving something that you love to have or even forcefully asks you to have anything you don't like.

How is it possible?
You need to understand the process of training smartly and cheating wisely in nutrition as per your goal. To understand the complete process, you must know about the nutrition you must intake as per your goal, along with some physical activity.
This knowledge will make you independent in choosing the nutrition and training plans as per your likes and dislikes and will also help you achieve your ideal body shape regardless of gender.
Everything that we will be discussing in this course is in layman's language and applies to all the age groups of teens and above for any gender. We just need to stay together till the end of the course to understand the basics so that we can apply them in our lifestyle to burn more calories passively, even in the resting state.

What is this book all about?
This book will completely talk about how to add fitness to our routine. So, suppose you are a beginner or someone struggling to kick-start your journey or keep up the momentum after training for a while. In that case, the book will help you get direction since you will now have the knowledge and know how to train smartly to achieve your specific goal to get an ideal physique. You don't need to listen to everybody and land in confusion. The science behind fitness, the training principles and techniques will help you design and update your workout plans.

Have you already tried everything?
If you feel that you have tried everything before and still failed to keep up your motivation, this is your chance to understand why you have been failing till now.
If you feel that you do everything to lose weight but still don't get results, or you eat healthy food but still fail to get an ideal shape because you don't have a good metabolism or your genes don't support you, you can thank me later for sharing all this knowledge and opening your eyes.

An active and healthy lifestyle is not about blindly following someone or something. It is just like the stock market. If you know the fundamentals and technicals of studying stocks, you know where you are investing your hard-earned money, so the basic knowledge of training and nutrition always helps you understand your body.

Do weekend parties don't allow you to progress?
You do everything right, but as the weekend arrives, you love to party and have junk food and drinks, and you return to square one. Don't worry; that's a common problem, so we will also discuss the hack for partying in the upcoming book of the same series, where you will learn to cheat wisely and have drinks and food without creating much disturbance in your goal so that you eventually progress.

Let's get started!
Suppose it hurts you to count the amount you have invested so far in gym memberships, supplements, or diets without getting any results. In that case, you must thoroughly go through the entire course to apply it to yourself, and this will be the best return on investment that you will ever make in your entire life!
So, let's start with the course, and the first book of a two-book series will talk about fitness and training.

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