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Shadow & Blood: The Final Pandemic – A Pandemic Thriller of Rage, Bloodlust, and Survival

Shadow & Blood: The Final Pandemic – A Pandemic Thriller of Rage, Bloodlust, and Survival

by Kalen Iselt

FBT review:

Introducing "Shadow & Blood: The Final Pandemic" - a gripping pandemic thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat. In this chilling tale by author Kalen Iselt, the world is thrown into chaos as a deadly variant of COVID-19, known as COVID-X, emerges.

Follow two families, the Wus in Wuhan and the Campbells in New Jersey, as they navigate a world plagued by infected individuals known as Shadow Seekers. These savage creatures embody rage, bloodlust, and a complete lack of humanity. As the families fight for survival, they must also confront their own darkest fears and the grim reality of a collapsing society.

With each chapter, the world spirals further into chaos, and the families must find a way to stay alive in the face of certain doom. Will they be able to overcome the horrors that await them, or will they fall victim to the darkness that consumes everything in its path?

For those seeking an adrenaline-filled read, "Shadow & Blood: The Final Pandemic" delivers a thrilling blend of suspense, horror, and survival. Beware, as this book contains explicit scenes of violence and sexuality. Get your heart racing and grab your copy today!

Publisher Description:

The world has been thrown into chaos. People have lost their families. They’ve lost their homes. They’ve lost everything they hold dear. And worst of all, no one is going to save them.

When a new, deadly variant of COVID-19 emerges, COVID-X, the world is unprepared for its devastating consequences. Families are torn apart as those infected descend into a frenzied state of rage, barbarity, and bloodlust.

The infected become known as Shadow Seekers, and for now, there is no cure. The Shadow Seekers are brutal, savage creatures of the night, devoid of humanity and slaughtering anyone they come across, even their loved ones.

Shadow & Blood follows two families on opposite sides of the globe, as the world descends into chaos and madness.

The Wu family live in a dilapidated, cramped building in the heart of the initial outbreak, the city of Wuhan. They must form a coalition with their neighbors to protect themselves from the Shadow Seekers which are appearing all around them.

The Campbell family lives in an affluent neighborhood of New Jersey where they experience a new reality of danger and horror. They must confront violent, bloodthirsty Shadow Seekers as they attempt to force their way into their home.

As the families fight for their lives, they must also face the grim reality of a world on the brink of collapse. Will they be able to overcome the dangers of the virus and the Shadow Seekers, or will they succumb to the darkness that threatens to engulf them?

Each chapter sees the world spiral more and more out of control with increasing levels of disorder, terror, and carnage. In the end few remain as the Shadow Seekers overrun the populations of many major cities, and whoever is left must do whatever they can to survive.

Will the world be able to stop the spread of this deadly virus before it’s too late? There is no end in sight, no light at the end of the tunnel, only heartbreak and ruin. Yet, humanity fights on and maintains hope, for now.

For Adults Only
Readers be aware there are both violence and sex scenes described in detail within this novel.

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