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Martha's Cove

Martha's Cove

by Deb Graham

FBT review:

Welcome to Martha's Cove, a gripping mystery by indie author Deb Graham that will transport you to a 1800s shipwreck off the coast of Nova Scotia. Polly, the only survivor, was just a toddler when she was rescued and taken in by a new family, who forbid her from speaking about her former life. As she grows up in a hard-scrabble existence, her grandfather, still haunted by the shipwreck, yearns for a reunion. Will their paths cross after fifteen long years?

Martha's Cove is a captivating novel with a strong female protagonist, perfect for readers who enjoy indie book titles. Written by Deb Graham, this uplifting story will keep you hooked from start to finish. If you're looking for inspiration for your next eBook read, look no further than Martha's Cove. Be sure to explore Graham's other fiction works as well. Get your copy of Martha's Cove today and embark on a thrilling adventure set in the 1800s.

Publisher Description:

The only survivor of a 1800s shipwreck, Polly was barely old enough to speak when she was rescued off Martha’s Cove, Nova Scotia. Her adoptive family named her after the cove, forbidding her speaking of her former life. A hard-scrabble life awaits her, saved only by her new brother, Joseph. Meanwhile, her grandfather, who had sent for his English daughter’s family to come to the New World, is tormented by the shipwreck. After fifteen years, are their paths destined to cross?

Another clean uplifting novel by Deb Graham with a strong female character. Be sure to look at her other fiction!

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