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Construction, Curses & Crime

Construction, Curses & Crime

by Beverly A. Rearick

FBT review:

Discover a world where construction, curses, and crime collide in "Construction, Curses & Crime" by Beverly A. Rearick. Join Samantha Reitenbach, a non-magical witch, as she navigates the perilous world of the paranormal town, Moonflower. When her gnome contractor meets a gruesome end, Samantha becomes entangled in a murder investigation that could potentially incriminate someone she deeply cares for. Determined to clear their name, Samantha uncovers hidden truths and secrets that challenge her trust. With danger lurking at every corner, this captivating mystery will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you enjoy indie book titles, this thrilling tale is a must-read. Get your copy of "Construction, Curses & Crime" on today.

Publisher Description:

Construction... a dangerous profession.

Samantha Reitenbach leads a remarkable life as a non-magical witch, raising her enchanting daughter alongside a talkative bat companion in the paranormal town of Moonflower. Balancing starting her catering business and a job at her great-aunt’s diner is challenging, but things take an unexpected turn when her gnome contractor meets a grim demise.

Caught in a web of deception, Samantha finds herself at the center of another murder investigation. The captivating vampire sheriff sets his sights on someone Samantha deeply cares for—a person discovered unconscious beside the lifeless body. Determined to clear her loved one’s name and unveil the truth, Samantha delves into a world where potential suspects are around every corner.

As hidden truths beckon, Samantha’s questions to unravel them uncovers secrets that challenge her deepest trust. With every revelation, the line between friend and foe grows thinner, and danger threatens to tear down the life she’s built in Moonflower.

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