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A Jaz and Luffy Cozy Mystery: Books 7-9

A Jaz and Luffy Cozy Mystery: Books 7-9 (Pet Psychic Cozy Mysteries Collection Book 3)

by Max Parrott

FBT review:

Step into the world of amateur sleuth Jasmine Moore and her loyal furry companion, Luffy, in A Jaz and Luffy Cozy Mystery: Books 7-9 by Max Parrott. This collection of three books delivers a delightful blend of mystery, humor, and quirky characters that will keep you entertained from start to finish.

In Book Seven, Six Paws Under, Jasmine and Luffy find themselves competing in a high-stakes televised game show alongside eleven other contestants. But when one of the competitors meets a mysterious demise, Jasmine must use her detective skills to unravel the truth before the killer strikes again.

Book Eight, The Cursed Coffin, introduces an ancient curse that seems responsible for a recent death in Blackwood Cove. As Jasmine explores the secrets surrounding a mysterious coffin at the local museum, she discovers that there may be more to the curse than meets the eye.

In Book Nine, The Fashionable Murder, Jasmine is faced with a difficult decision when world-famous fashion designer Athos Calabresi offers her a spot on his team. As she investigates the disappearance of a model, Jasmine uncovers the dark side of the fashion industry, realizing that Athos may not be as honest as he seems.

If you enjoy witty dialogue, intriguing mysteries, and lovable animal companions, A Jaz and Luffy Cozy Mystery: Books 7-9 is the perfect collection for you. Get ready for a rollercoaster of excitement and join Jasmine and Luffy on their thrilling adventures. Grab your copy today and dive into this delightful series.

Publisher Description:

"The different elements of the mystery create an upbeat, witty, and quirky plot with a blend of a televised game show, suspicious competitors, and a disappearing body, which makes Six Paws Under another charming and delightful installment of the series."--5 Stars, Readers' Favorite


One island. Eleven Strangers. One Murder.

Eager to try her hand at an exciting televised game show, amateur sleuth Jasmine and her faithful companion Luffy are back at it again when they pit their skills against eleven fellow competitors on the hunt for a hidden treasure. Jasmine needs the prize money to fund her budding PI business… provided nobody else gets to it first.

But things soon take a darker turn when one of the competitors meets an untimely demise. Jasmine knew the competition would be fierce – but could it really drive someone to murder?

With the cameras trained on her every move and the remaining competitors still vying to claim the grand prize for themselves, Jasmine must juggle her desire to win the competition with her determination to solve the case. Can Jasmine and Luffy manage to find the truth? Or will the prize – and the culprit – slip away from them?


An ancient curse… but is it responsible for a very recent death?

Jasmine Moore is no stranger to the paranormal. As a first-hand witness to a supernatural bond with her golden retriever, she knows there are some things that just cannot be explained.

When a mysterious coffin arrives at their small-town museum of Blackwood Cove, bringing with it stories of an infamous curse, Jasmine plays it off as just another silly old story. But after the body of a young museum employee is found, she’s forced to wonder if there really is some truth behind the coffin and the mysterious deaths that surround it…

Diving into another perplexing case as an upcoming private investigator, Jasmine and her dog Luffy are tasked with unraveling the strange secrets surrounding the museum’s primary exhibit and its employees. And as she digs deeper, Jasmine wonders if psychic visions and talking dogs aren’t the only magic that Blackwood Cove has in store—or if the ominous danger lurking the museum halls is more human than anyone could have guessed…


Murder has rolled into town.

When a suspicious limousine arrives at the tiny town of Blackwood Cove, the locals are abuzz with rumors—and Jasmine Moore discovers it belongs to none other than world-famous fashion designer Athos Calabresi.

Athos takes a shine to Jasmine and her unique style, and he offers her a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—a spot on his team. There’s only one problem. If she accepts, she’ll be forced to give up her job as a detective.

Torn between two conflicting worlds, her impossible choice only gets more complicated as she unravels the mysterious disappearance of the model she’ll be replacing. Scrambling to uncover the truth behind Athos and his secretive fashion team, Jasmine and Luffy face the daunting task of exposing the culprit while avoiding the ire of a powerful enemy.

And as she digs deeper, she begins to realize that perhaps this fashion designer isn’t as truthful as he first seemed…

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