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Even More Ghostly Mysteries: Haunted Everly After Books 1-3

Even More Ghostly Mysteries: Haunted Everly After Books 1-3

by ReGina Welling & Erin Lynn

FBT review:

Enter the captivating world of Everly Dupree and embark on a thrilling journey filled with ghosts, mysteries, and small-town charm in "Even More Ghostly Mysteries: Haunted Everly After Books 1-3" by ReGina Welling & Erin Lynn.

When Everly Dupree returns to her quirky hometown of Mooselick River after a disastrous betrayal, she never expects to become the target of the town's resident ghosts. Purchasing a haunted house sets off a chain of events that leads Everly to solve both new and old murders in the town. With the help of eccentric spiritual enthusiast Leandra Wade, Everly must unravel the secrets of Mooselick River before she becomes the next victim.

This cozy paranormal series combines plucky heroines, lovable characters, and a delightful Maine setting to create a captivating reading experience. From "Ghost Mortem" to "Bargain Haunter" and "Christmas Presence," each book in this series will keep you on the edge of your seat. Dive into this enchanting collection and join Everly on her thrilling adventures in a world where even the spirits have secrets to share.

Whether you're a fan of indie books or simply in search of your next literary escape, "Even More Ghostly Mysteries" is a must-read series that will captivate your imagination from start to finish. Discover the allure of this paranormal cozy mystery series today!

Publisher Description:

Even if you don't believe in ghosts, sometimes they believe in you...
When Everly Dupree found her husband in bed with her best friend, for a split second, she wanted to murder them both!
Instead, she doused them with a bucket of cold water and then packed up and moved back home to the small, quirky town of Mooselick River.
For the ridiculously low amount owed in back taxes, Everly purchases a house, sight unseen, only to discover everyone in town believes it's haunted!
But after a run-in with spiritual enthusiast Leandra Wade, it turns out the ghosts aren't interested in Spooky Manor after all, but it's new owner.
Now, Everly is tasked with solving every murder, new and old, that happens in Mooselick River.
Otherwise, she's going to end up being haunted Everly after!
If you like plucky heroines, lovable characters, and ghost mysteries set in Maine, you'll love this cozy, paranormal series.
Book 1. Ghost Mortem
Book 2. Bargain Haunter
Book 3. Christmas Presence

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