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by Kyle Waller

FBT review:

Step into the nightmarish world of "Ward" by Kyle Waller, a gripping tale of survival and rebellion in the heart of an oppressive urban hellhole. Set in the once-proud city of Sacramento, this dystopian thriller unveils the terrifying secrets of the Ward, a place so dangerous that even angels fear to tread.

Within the Ward, three factions clash in a blood-drenched struggle for power. As chaos reigns, Tango Primary Five, a captive rebel, and the enigmatic Angel of Death devise a daring plan for freedom. Will they be able to unite the warring factions or be forced to choose a side in this deadly conflict?

"Ward" takes readers on a captivating journey into a world where loyalty is fleeting, alliances are fragile, and human resilience is tested to its limits. If you love indie book titles that push the boundaries, this thrilling literary fiction is a must-read. Find your next riveting eBook adventure in "Ward," a tale that will leave you breathless.

Publisher Description:

Uncover the terrifying secrets of Sacramento, California, once a symbol of American pride, now morphed into an oppressive urban hellhole ominously known as the Ward. This chilling city-prison, with its unfathomable horrors, is a place where even angels fear to tread.

In the grim depths of the Ward, a trio of horrifying factions clash. Avalon Company, fueled by an obsession with fire and destruction; the Breedless, cannibals who echo the ferocity of ancient Vikings; and Talon's Legion, a death-cult reminiscent of the terrifying might of the Roman Empire. Each is embroiled in a brutal battle for dominion, painting the Ward crimson with their ceaseless conflict.

At the heart of this chaos, meet Tango Primary Five, a rebel held captive by the military dictatorship that has seized the fallen United States. Alongside him is the enigmatic Angel of Death, a woman wrapped in layers of mystery and hidden perils. As the gang warfare escalates, the pair craft a daring plan for freedom: either unite the Ward's disparate factions or choose a side in this lethal war.

"Ward" is an enthralling journey into a dystopian nightmare. It's a story where alliances are as brittle as glass, loyalty is as fleeting as a shadow, and human resilience is stretched to its absolute limits. Here, survival isn't simply about enduring another day; it's about finding a purpose worth fighting for in the midst of devastation.

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