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The Corporate Kindergarten

The Corporate Kindergarten

by Szilvia Olah

FBT review:

Step into the world of corporate absurdity with "The Corporate Kindergarten" by Szilvia Olah. Through this eye-opening literary fiction, author and organizational psychologist Szilvia Olah unveils the truth behind corporate practices, challenging the status quo and offering practical solutions to create a more accountable and mature work environment. With a witty and thought-provoking narrative, Olah takes a deep dive into the world of ineffective and disengaging workplace norms, shedding light on the era of "corporate kidults." Perfect for readers seeking inspiration and insight into corporate culture, this book is a must-read for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of the modern workplace. Dive into "The Corporate Kindergarten" today and embark on a journey towards a more meaningful and fulfilling work experience.

Publisher Description:

A thought-provoking examination of corporate practices.

Have you ever looked around at work and thought, “What a whole lot of bullshit!” I am sure you have many times. At least once a week. Every day!

Unfortunately, that thought remains with you because nobody speaks up, so we continue the old ways of doing things, making us ineffective & disengaged. To mitigate our pain, HR acts as a decoy, luring us into believing that we are in a fun, progressive, and caring environment by giving us slides, ball pits, team- building games, celebrations, free coffee & food, accommodation, and a cinema voucher in exchange for hundreds of hours of unpaid overtime.

“A few hundred years from now, when we look back at the history and evolution of the workforce, this will be known as "The era of corporate bullshit" or “The era of corporate kidults.” 50 years ago, people imagined that in the future, we would have cool techs such as flying cars and 3D holograms of ourselves to attend appointments and stuff. Instead, we have remote team buildings with guacamole spread competitions, lama colouring, sack races, and $20 gift vouchers for being the fastest in moving toilet rolls from one table to another (Yup, I had to play that one once).”

Traditional HR and organisational practices don’t work in a world where everything changes constantly.
This book provides every corporate folk out there with specific examples of outdated and often ridiculous practices and presents practical solutions to address those.

Szilvia Olah is on a mission to help organisations eliminate such practices and create a mature, adultlike work environment where individuals, especially leaders, are accountable for their performance and behaviour.

Szilvia is an organisational psychologist who spent 19 years in the corporate environment. Through her company, The Strengths Company, based in Dubai, she challenges leaders to think differently and adapt their practices to suit the changing needs of employees.

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