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Logan's Word: A Logan Family Western - Book 1

Logan's Word: A Logan Family Western - Book 1 (Logan Family Western Series)

by Donald L Robertson

FBT review:

Looking for an exciting new eBook to dive into? Look no further than "Logan's Word: A Logan Family Western - Book 1" by Donald L Robertson. Set in Texas in 1867, this gripping literary fiction novel follows Josh Logan as he fulfills a dying friend's final wish and finds himself in the midst of danger. Land robbers, rustlers, and hostile Comanches stand in his way, but Logan is determined to seek justice and protect his friend's family. As he faces off against bullies and gunslingers, a captivating romance unfolds, adding an extra layer of intrigue. If you enjoy books with authentic American West details and codes of honor, this fast-paced Western saga is perfect for you. Don't miss out on this thrilling adventure - grab your copy of "Logan's Word" today!

Publisher Description:

A promise to a dying man. A back-stabbing land grabber. Can one war-weary cowboy hold his own against raiders, outlaws, and a beautiful woman?

Texas, 1867. Josh Logan would never betray an oath. So even though a vow to his mortally wounded best friend sends him deep into dangerous territory, he won’t shirk his responsibility. But when he discovers upon arrival that his companion’s family is under attack from rustlers and land robbers, he believes he has to stay long enough to ensure justice is served.

Traveling to town to hire some help, Logan is faced with hostile Comanches, craven bullies, and greedy gunslingers. And when a gorgeous gal steps off the stagecoach, losing his heart may make him vulnerable to the crooked cowpokes determined to take the ranch at any price.

Will the dedicated man’s unwavering sense of duty cost him his life?

Logan’s Word is the fast-paced first book in the Logan Family Western Series of action-adventure stories. If you like old-fashioned codes of honor, noble steeds, and authentic American West details, then you’ll love Donald L. Robertson’s thrilling saga.

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