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The Scroll of Karma

The Scroll of Karma


FBT review:

Embark on a gripping fantasy journey with "The Scroll of Karma" by DEBJIT CHATTERJEE. Princess Deepshikha's simple wish comes true, unlocking a power that unveils dark secrets within the walls of Vijaysthal. A distant king, a troubled scholar, and buried mysteries set the stage for a thrilling tale filled with bone-chilling discoveries. As they navigate this newfound power, the consequences of even a minor misstep loom large. For fans of indie fantasy books searching for a captivating read, this enchanting story promises intrigue, suspense, and unexpected twists. Join Princess Deepshikha and her friends as they grapple with a force that could bring either salvation or destruction. Get your copy today on!

Publisher Description:

When Princess Deepshikha wrote down her wish in her journal, she was very happy. When it actually came true, she was overjoyed. But miracles don't happen on their own, right? But still, the power that now lay in her and her friends' hands was not something to be trifled with.
Nor were the secrets that lay buried behind the tall walls of Vijaysthal.
A strict and distant king. A troubled scholar. A mysterious past that must never be told. And the bones that scatter the fields in front of The Iron Gates.
Something is wrong. Something is going to go wrong.
When dealing with a great power, even a single mistake can bring on the worst nightmare of a lifetime.
And all she can do is deal with it.

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