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The Redemption: A YA Epic Fantasy Novel

The Redemption: A YA Epic Fantasy Novel (The Chronicles of Lethia Book 4)

by Krysten Harlow

FBT review:

Looking for your next epic fantasy adventure? Look no further than "The Redemption: A YA Epic Fantasy Novel," the fourth book in the Chronicles of Lethia series by Krysten Harlow. In this thrilling installment, the Ley Lines, the source of magic in Lethia, are in danger, and time is running out to save the realm. As the ancient enemy emerges from the shadows, the weight of responsibility falls upon our heroes, who must confront their own doubts and make difficult choices. With Harlow's unique writing style, readers will feel intimately connected to the characters and immersed in the world of Lethia. If you love epic fantasies filled with subterfuge, secrets, and ancient magic, don't miss out on this gripping tale. Get your copy of "The Redemption" today and join the last line of defense to save Lethia before it's too late.

Publisher Description:

"With Krysten Harlow’s unique writing style, the reader gets to know each of the characters on an intimate level... I felt included instead of someone just looking in." --Reader's Favorite

The Ley Lines are in imminent danger…

Time is running out to save Lethia. As the formidable ancient enemy reveals itself from the shadows, the crushing weight of responsibility threatens to be too much for us to bear. I’m getting stronger with every passing day... but the only caveat is having to learn from the archmage of darkness himself. Can this fragile alliance be trusted, or is it a dangerous gamble?

Meanwhile, two of my most trusted allies are taking on the rest of the Exiled, a formidable force standing in our way. But as loyalties blur and the line between friend and foe becomes indistinguishable, I am plagued with doubts. Making the wrong choice could spell disaster for everything we hold dear.

We’re the last line of defence. If we fail, the magic of Lethia will be lost forever.

And that means certain death for those that wield it.

The Redemption is the fourth book of the Chronicles of Lethia series. If you love epic fantasies brimming with subterfuge, secrets and ancient magic lore, then you won't want to miss out on this unique tale told between multiple perspectives.

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