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The Otherist: Arrival

The Otherist: Arrival

by William Dickey

FBT review:

Step into a world where the laws of nature are shattered, and embark on an extraordinary adventure in "The Otherist: Arrival" by William Dickey. This captivating fantasy novel takes you on a thrilling journey to Tautellus, an alternate Earth teeming with mythical creatures and ancient mysteries.

Follow Isaac Stein, an ordinary 17-year-old boy, who finds himself transported to this magical realm on the day a million people vanished from Earth. In Tautellus, Isaac must navigate treacherous wilderness, face betrayals, and fight for survival as he uncovers the secrets of a long-lost civilization and their formidable enemy.

With enchanting twists and captivating world-building, "The Otherist: Arrival" will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you're a fan of indie book titles and crave a compelling escape, this is the perfect eBook to dive into. Immerse yourself in this epic tale and discover why readers can't get enough of William Dickey's imaginative storytelling. Get ready to be transported.

Publisher Description:

The Aurora Incident, the Great Transmigration, the Immortal Arrival, and that time I suddenly got video game powers, everyone had their own name for the day that nature’s most divine laws were bent and the boundaries between worlds were violated. To the humans remaining on Earth, it was the day that a million people vanished in an instant, carried away by columns of light descending from the heavens. To Isaac Stein, an ordinary 17-year-old boy, it was the day he got a fresh start.
Isaac finds himself on Tautellus, an alternate version of Earth filled with magical beings thought to exist only in legend. He must brave the harsh wilderness, overcome betrayals, and wage war for his survival as he stumbles upon secrets of a long-lost magitechnologically advanced civilization and their ancient enemy. An enemy that now seeds war and chaos throughout the land as they attempt to seize both Tautellus and Earth.

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