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The Blood of a Dragon

The Blood of a Dragon

by Jack Adkins

FBT review:

Discover a thrilling fantasy adventure in "The Blood of a Dragon" by Jack Adkins. Follow the incredible journey of Anuka Sandbar, a daring half-goblin on a mission to find his missing father. When Anuka and his unlikely companions are enslaved by pirates, they find themselves entangled in a dangerous game of intrigue and magic.

Set in a world where DragonsBlood, the source of all magic, is flooding the country illegally, Anuka and his companions are offered their freedom in exchange for finding the source of this illicit substance. With warring Dragon factions on the brink of chaos, their success or failure could determine the fate of the entire civilization.

Perfect for fans of indie fantasy novels, "The Blood of a Dragon" combines adventure, humor, and suspense in a unique and captivating tale. Get ready to be enthralled by Jack Adkins' masterful storytelling and join Anuka on his quest to uncover the truth.

Don't miss out on this epic fantasy journey - grab your copy of "The Blood of a Dragon" today and dive into a world of magic and adventure.

Publisher Description:

Anuka Sandbar is the most interesting half-goblin alive. Just ask him.
Anuka’s father is a ship captain, retired Naval Commander, and genius engineer. Anuka is just a daring, handsome, witty, red-skinned, dagger-wielding entertainer. When Papa disappears, Anuka sets out to find him. While sailing to a sleazy port city to begin his search, Anuka and some unlikely companions are enslaved by pirates.

They wind up the property of an emissary for the Silver DragonLord, Shimmer. The emissary offers them manumission if they discover the source of massive amounts of illegal DragonsBlood flooding the country. DragonsBlood is the most valuable currency on the continent and is the source of all magic in the land.

With different Dragon factions on the precipice of war, revealing the truth could mean the destruction of the mortal civilization.

What will these unlikely heroes do when their failure means enslavement but their success could lead to a war between the gods?

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