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Crystal Dark

Crystal Dark

by Julie L. Kramer

FBT review:

Unleash the power of magic and embark on a thrilling adventure with "Crystal Dark" by Julie L. Kramer. This captivating fantasy novel follows Ceia, who possesses an incredible gift to control ice. However, her power becomes both a curse and a pathway to finding answers, as she must confront a treacherous monster in a labyrinth or be banished forever.

Joined by allies, Ceia discovers that the monster is not what it seems, and the secrets hidden within the labyrinth may hold the key to healing her world. With time running out, can Ceia solve the puzzles of the past and unlock the knowledge she seeks, or will she be trapped forever in the enigmatic maze?

Perfect for lovers of indie books, "Crystal Dark" offers a riveting storyline filled with suspense, fantasy, and a dash of magic. Grab your copy now and immerse yourself in this enthralling tale that will leave you craving for more.

Publisher Description:

One hidden curse. One Monster. A whole world of secrets.

Ceia was born with the power to control ice, but her magic might as well be a curse. When she slips up after seventeen years, the elders in the village give her an ultimatum. Either face the monster in the labyrinth as a sacrifice or be exiled forever. Both are a death sentence, yet something in the twisted maze calls to her. Maybe she has a chance?

But nothing in the labyrinth comes easily. Especially its secrets. With the help of her new allies, she soon discovers that the fabled monster isn't what it's been made out to be. And the mysterious caverns may hold everything she's been searching for.

Only time will tell, but time isn't exactly a luxury Ceia has. Can she solve the puzzles of a twisted past to gain the key to healing her world or will she forever be trapped in the maze?
One-click today to find out if Ceia can gain the knowledge she seeks or if the answers will be as elusive as the monster no one can tame.

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