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Crown of Blood and Wings

Crown of Blood and Wings

by M.R. Polish

FBT review:

Discover the captivating fantasy world of "Crown of Blood and Wings" by M.R. Polish. Immerse yourself in an epic tale of love, vengeance, and survival.

When Caitin finds herself bitten and left for dead, the broody captain of the guard defies orders to rescue her. Unbeknownst to them, their destinies are forever entwined as the king binds their souls together. Caitin must survive or kill the very man who saved her.

Layke never expected to find his perfect mate, but fate brings them together in the midst of a deadly Trials. He risks everything to free Caitin and protect her life. However, he harbors a dark secret that could shatter their bond.

Perfect for fans of indie fantasy novels, "Crown of Blood and Wings" delivers an enthralling story filled with danger, romance, and unexpected twists. Get your copy today and embark on a thrilling adventure into a world of magic and destiny.

Publisher Description:

Thrust into the king’s Trials, Caitin was bitten and left to die. But the broody captain broke through the guards and ripped the gate off the arena to save her. In an act of vengeance, the king binds their souls together, forcing Caitin to survive or kill the man who saved her.

Layke never thought the gods would bless him with a mate but there she was… standing before him, locked in the dungeons, tied as a participant in the king’s evil Trials. His heart skipped a beat, knowing he would do whatever he could to ensure she lives. Even bind his life to hers…

In a last chance at survival, Layke helps Caitin escape but now he must tell her the truth. He’d already lost his kingdom, he couldn’t lose her too.

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