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Crimes of the Blood Cults: An Occult Noir Short Story Collection

Crimes of the Blood Cults: An Occult Noir Short Story Collection

by Fredrick Niles

FBT review:

Discover the dark and mysterious world of Crimes of the Blood Cults, an occult noir short story collection by author Fredrick Niles. Set in the blood-soaked streets of Blackburg, this gripping anthology delves into a city on the edge, where figures in black robes lurk in the shadows and bodies pile up in the streets. Follow private investigators, idealistic cops, and average joes as they navigate a world plagued by strange rumors and disappearances. Filled with gritty realism and spine-chilling terror, Crimes of the Blood Cults will captivate fans of indie fantasy and noir fiction. Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey into a realm of serial killers, twisted justice, and unimaginable creatures. Get your copy today and get lost in the gripping pages of this haunting collection.

Publisher Description:

The streets of Blackburg run red with the blood of the sacrificed.

Strange rumors of figures in black robes are circulating, people are disappearing, bodies are turning up in the streets, and the police are either too crooked or burnt out to do anything.

Dive deep into the seedy depths of a city pushed to the brink. In this short story collection from the author of Cold Water Forest and The Omen Tree, you'll find:
Private Investigators limping along to the next payday
Idealistic cops caught in a world they no longer understand
Average joes trying to make sense of senseless crimes
Serial killers driven by an indescribable need
Victims hell-bent on finding justice at any cost
Creatures beyond your wildest nightmares

Sometimes dark, occasionally hopeful, and always a little bit strange, Crimes of the Blood Cults is sure to scratch that hard-hitting, hard-drinking, dirty, desperate, noir itch you've had ever since you turned your collar up on a dark and rainy street and felt like something might be watching you from the shadows.

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