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Blood Creek Phantom: A paranormal fantasy

Blood Creek Phantom: A paranormal fantasy

by Jay Barnson

FBT review:

Blood Creek Phantom is an enthralling paranormal fantasy that will captivate readers who love indie book titles. Written by Jay Barnson, this book is the third installment in the Blood Creek series and is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

In Maple Bend, two armies—one living, one dead—are on the verge of clashing at the Crossroads, determining the fate of two worlds. As ghostly spirits rise, Sean Williams finds himself caught in the middle of the chaos. To save his town, he must put the restless dead to rest, even if it means losing the girl of his dreams.

Meanwhile, Jenny Morgan, a powerful protector of the Crossroads, must face the daunting Man in the White Suit and his approaching army. Can she use her powers to defend against the darkness, or will it consume everything in its path?

With a gripping plot, well-developed characters, and a perfect balance of action and suspense, Blood Creek Phantom will leave readers longing for more. Don't miss out on this captivating fantasy adventure.

Publisher Description:

Two armies—one living, one dead—march for the Crossroads. The fate of two worlds hangs in the balance.

Ghostly dead are rising in Maple Bend, and Sean Williams is witness to it all. Fighting to save Maple Bend becomes complicated when the vengeful spirit of a serial killer sets his focus on Sean. If he is going to succeed, Sean must put the dead to rest—but doing so may cost him the girl of his haunting dreams.

Living "round the bend" in self-imposed exile, Jenny Morgan still doesn't have the experience she needs to fight against the Man in the White Suit. But his daunting army approaches, ready to crush the protectors of the Crossroads. Will Jenny's powers be the last line of defense against the darkness, or the key to its victory?

★★★★★ I liked book one of this series—Blood Creek Witch. I liked book two—Blood Creek Beast. But I think Blood Creek Phantom is my favorite so far. -Amazon Review

★★★★★ You will learn to love the characters and miss them when the pages end. -Amazon Review

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