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Badfreaky - The meanest witch

Badfreaky - The meanest witch (The life of Badfreaky the witch Book 1)

by Konstantinos V. E. Adamopoulos

FBT review:

Discover the enchanting world of "Badfreaky - The meanest witch," the first book in the captivating series "The life of Badfreaky the witch" by Konstantinos V. E. Adamopoulos.

Follow the extraordinary tale of Marily, a young girl who is unexpectedly transformed into the most wicked witch known to the world and stars, Badfreaky. As her parents, Goodypie, the good witch, and Mr. Goodweather, desperately search for a way to save their daughter, Badfreaky's powers grow stronger and more menacing each day.

Will Goodypie and Mr. Goodweather be able to rescue Marily from the clutches of her evil alter ego, or will Badfreaky's malevolent plans prevail? Join them on their thrilling journey through the magical forest of Bright, where creatures of all kinds come alive.

Perfect for fans of indie book titles, "Badfreaky - The meanest witch" offers a spellbinding mix of fantasy, adventure, and suspense. Dive into this gripping story today and experience the power of hope and love in the face of darkness. Get your copy now!

Publisher Description:

Once upon a time, in a forest known as Bright, Marily, a four-year-old girl, lived happily with her parents; a good witch named Goodypie and her husband, Mr. Goodweather.

All the creatures of the forest loved Goodypie because she is able to protect them by ruining the evil potions created by Meanloudmouth, a very bad witch.

One day, while Goodypie was boiling some plants and flowers in her big cooking pot, Marily noticed a little house appear inside of the pot. Suddenly, Marily fell into the pot and by the time she was rescued she had been magically turned into a mean-spirited and wicked witch.
Marily ran into the forest and away from home.

As her parents desperately tried to find her, they discovered that she had been transformed into the notorious Badfreaky, the meanest witch in all the world and stars.

Will Goodypie and Mr. Goodweather be able to save Marily before Badfreaky wins the day? Or will the wicked witch use her ultimate power and turn them to stoneā€¦ forever?

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