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17 Years Old Cassette Player

17 Years Old Cassette Player

by Bahadir Demiralay

FBT review:

Experience the uproarious journey of 17-year-old Katie Anderson in "17 Years Old Cassette Player" by Bahadir Demiralay. As Katie navigates the challenges of adolescence, she finds herself in hilarious situations, embracing her newfound courage and outspoken nature. Despite the changes in her life, some things remain the same. Join Katie as she tackles the ups and downs of teenage life, from swearing to standing her ground, with a touch of humor and wit. Discover a story filled with car rides, romance, fame, and unexpected twists that will keep you entertained from start to finish. Dive into this indie book title that promises to bring laughter and joy to your reading list. Available now on

Publisher Description:

Since Katie Anderson turned 17 many things changed. Now she swears a lot, she isn’t afraid to tell what’s on her mind, she feels braver than ever and she’s always ready for a fight.But about the things that didn’t change like having a car, a boyfriend, fame, success, care and maybe more love, the universe has interesting plans for her as the drama is just about to start!

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