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Tomorrow Is Near But Today Is Here:

Tomorrow Is Near But Today Is Here: (Children's books about Anxiety/Sleep disorders/ADHD/Stress Relief/Worry, Picture Books, Kids Books, Kindergarten Books, Ages 4 8) (Mindful Mia Book 2)

by Asaf Rozanes

FBT review:

Looking for an award-winning children's book that tackles anxiety, stress, and worry? Look no further than "Tomorrow Is Near But Today Is Here" by Asaf Rozanes. This book is part of the Mindful Mia series, which has been highly rated by parents, teachers, psychologists, and kids worldwide. It provides practical tools to boost confidence, increase self-esteem, and promote a growth mindset.

Ideal for children ages 3-8, this book takes readers on a journey with Mia as she learns to cope with her stressful and worry-filled days. Surprisingly, it has also helped children fall asleep more calmly and with a smile. With its gentle parenting approach and focus on universal values, this series empowers children with important life skills.

If you enjoy books by authors like Jay Miletsky, Diane Alber, and Steve Herman, you'll love the Mindful Mia series. Packed with fun, hidden object games, and coloring activities, it offers a unique reading experience. Don't miss out on this empowering and inspiring series that will give your child an advantage in life. Get your copy today!

Publisher Description:

Award Winning Book Series

The stress, worry and anxiety our children face is greater than any generation before.

I wrote this book to help my daughter better cope with her stressful and worry filled day to days and showed her a different perspective on things and life.
Surprisingly this also drastically reduced the time it now takes her to fall asleep, which is now done calmly and with a smile.

Rated by parents, teachers, psychologists and kids(!) worldwide as one of the best indie children's book series to ever have been published!

Here are just a few of the practical tools this Award Winning book series provides:

+ boost confidence

+ increase self-esteem

+ create self motivation

+ creative thinking

+ growth mindset

+ acceptance

...and more !

The Mindful Mia book series is Ideal for children ages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
Tomorrow Is Near But Today Is Here is the second book in Mindful Mia- a series of books that reflect growth mindset, gentle parenting and nurture universal values that inspire and empower kids. This series is perfect for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, first grade and second grade as they advance from early readers to intermediate readers.

Grab this empowering book series for you and the ones you care about and give them an advantage in life!

Readers and fans of books from authors like Jay Miletsky (Ricky the Rock that Couldn’t Roll), Diane Alber (I’m NOT Just a Scribble), Laurie Wright (Mindful Mantras) and Steve Herman (Train Your Dragon), Jacquelyn Stagg (Starts With You), Michael Gordon (The Angry Dragon) and Sigal Adler (I Don’t Want To Sleep) - will LOVE this series

A fun read, a tool for life, a hidden object game and a coloring book - All in one

Here's what readers are saying about this book:

*****(5*) "wow! what a wonderful book, this book really helps to embed a strong positive outlook on life and it really made me reflect and made me focus on all the positives throughout our day, a really pleasant read as you are taken through on a wave of clever rhyme. recommended for all children!" - Joshua McManus

*****(5*) "My daughter is 3 years old, and still has a very difficult time falling asleep. I read this book to her and I could see how interested she was in everything that the main character Mia does and her father's advice. She listens so closely and I think she really relates with Mia. I also noticed that she found a new technique to relax herself at bedtime. She breathes out all the bad thoughts just like Mia does and I think it helps her fall asleep. She keeps asking me to read it to her at bedtime and I absolutely love it. Thank you Asaf Rozanes for writing this book and for tackling kid's anxiety in a beautiful way which grasps even a 3 year old's attention. This is a must book for anyone who has kids that worry and teaches them (and also us) how to live now and enjoy every minute." - AnotherReview

*****(5*) "My grandchildren loved the illustrations and the story. We discussed the meaning that it doesn't do any good to worry. Adults and children of all ages will love this book." - Rich Linville

*****(5*) "This poetic story offers insight to children about how to stop worrying so much and enjoy a happier life. I think adults can learn from the message in this book also." - Dr. Grace LaJoy Henderson

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