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The One Thing & Anothers

The One Thing & Anothers (Young Philosophers Series)

by Clare-Rose Trevelyan

FBT review:

Welcome to the captivating world of "The One Thing & Anothers" by Clare-Rose Trevelyan! This delightful children's book takes readers on a thrilling adventure with Rio and Huxley, two mischievous youngsters living on the Planet of Stuff. Tired of their boring lives, they escape to Earthia, where they encounter a beautiful but seemingly dull planet. However, when Huxley decides to play a prank, their lives take an unexpected turn. Perfect for indie book lovers seeking unique and inspiring reads, this imaginative tale is sure to delight both young and adult readers alike. Join Rio and Huxley as they navigate a world filled with excitement, creativity, and valuable life lessons. Grab your copy of "The One Thing & Anothers" now and embark on an unforgettable journey.

Publisher Description:

Rio and Huxley live on the Planet of Stuff where everyone loves stuff. Everyone except them. They are bored of living in their castle and swimming in their 17 swimming pools. To amuse themselves, they pull pranks on their great-great grandchildren, but when caught, their punishment is getting locked in a tower of stuff. Trying to escape the boredom, they hitch a ride on a UFO where they find the planet Earthia. It is so beautiful and so perfect, but to them, so boring. When Huxley decides to pull one of his naughtiest pranks yet, what happens next is something they never would have expected.

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