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Gracie The Groodle

Gracie The Groodle Karen Brough

5.5 star

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Gracie the Groodle isn't naughty she's just playful!
Come on just some of Gracie the Groodle's everyday adventures. Each day with Gracie is an opportunity for fun, mischief, and a whole lotta laughs.
If you love dogs (and even if you're a cat person), Gracie will find her way into your heart and make it just a little bit bigger.

No plain pup, Gracie licks ice-creams...and toes, rolls herself up like a sushi roll, and loves to leap tall buildings with a single bound when visitors come to stay.

A special book with hidden hearts to find in every gorgeous illustration.
Gracie the Groodle is sure to touch your heart and bring a smile from ear to ear.

Groodle: Golden retriever crossed Poodle Known as Golden doodles.