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Duck and Cover, Growing Up in the Atomic Age

Duck and Cover, Growing Up in the Atomic Age

by William C. Philips

FBT review:

Dive into the Atomic Age with Duck and Cover, Growing Up in the Atomic Age, a captivating biography by William C. Philips. This remarkable book transports readers back in time, offering a unique perspective on an era filled with both fear and excitement.

Settle in for a journey with Philips, as he shares his memories, humor, and touching stories from his childhood. From the experimental radium doses he received as a child (thankfully without any superpowers) to the generations of his time, Duck and Cover provides an extraordinary glimpse into a bygone era.

Perfect for indie book enthusiasts, this memoir appeals to readers seeking inspiration for their next eBook adventure. Whether you're scouring bestseller lists or popular blogs for recommendations, Duck and Cover offers a breath of fresh air. Laugh, reminisce, and reflect as you immerse yourself in this delightful and thought-provoking journey through the Atomic Age.

Discover why reviewers are raving about this beautifully written and captivating memoir. Dive into Duck and Cover today and rediscover history through the eyes of one who lived it.

Publisher Description:

"This is a marvelous book, wonderfully written, touching, & hilarious! I was hooked by page three."--Daniel Pritchett, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute 
Duck and Cover is a time machine to the Atomic Age, filled with humor, joy, fears, and sadness. Ultimately, it is a memoir of a generation. And despite the subtitle, 'Growing up in the Atomic Age,' Philips assures readers that the experimental radium doses he received as a child did not contribute to his growth or endow him with any superpowers...yet.

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