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A Viking's Home

A Viking's Home

by C. J. Lingzero

FBT review:

Introducing "A Viking's Home" by C. J. Lingzero, a captivating action adventure novel that will transport you to the thrilling world of Vikings in Britannia. Magnus, a determined Viking leader, sets out to build his empire in a land filled with chaos and uncertainty. As the dream of a Viking home unfolds, join Magnus and his family on a journey that will test their strength, resilience, and determination to leave a lasting legacy. Will they conquer all obstacles that come their way or be crushed like those before them? This indie book is perfect for readers seeking an immersive and inspiring reading experience. Don't miss out on this epic tale of adventure and triumph. Grab your copy of "A Viking's Home" on now.

Publisher Description:

When a dream evolves from a fond wish to a necessity, what can one do besides everything in their power to bring that vision to life? Upon the arrival of his longships, Magnus begins to build his empire in Britannia. Will he and his family create a lasting legacy as chaos consumes the land, or will they simply be crushed like so many before?

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