No Deadly Medicine

No Deadly Medicine Trudey Martin


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Jun 15, 2021 - Jun 21, 2021

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Recently widowed and still grieving, Verity Spencer picks up a notebook dropped by an elderly gentleman. A random act of kindness that spins her into a world of cover-ups, corruption and murder. Someone is desperate for the information in the notebook and, in fear of her life, Verity flees. There is no one she can trust. Verity has to dig deep, using all her resources to figure out what is going on. She needs to stay one step ahead of the criminals if she has any hope of getting back home, and not becoming the next murder victim.
If you love high-adrenaline, suspenseful mystery thrillers, then you'll love Trudey Martin's action-packed page turner. Buy No Deadly Medicine today to see how Verity matches up to the challenge!