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The Silver Eclipse: Akkron

The Silver Eclipse: Akkron

by Kristy Dixon

FBT review:

Are you ready for a thrilling journey to a mystical world filled with secrets and danger? Look no further than The Silver Eclipse: Akkron by Kristy Dixon. Follow Wren as she uncovers a dark conspiracy in the city of Akkron and transports a boy named Graham to the magical realm. With the help of new friends, Graham must navigate through a complex and ancient prophecy to save the city. Along the way, he also discovers surprising truths about his own past and identity. The Silver Eclipse: Akkron is a captivating young adult novel that seamlessly blends fantasy, adventure, and mystery. If you are a fan of indie books and crave fresh and exciting reads, don't miss out on this page-turner. Get your copy today and join the thrilling adventure to Akkron!

Publisher Description:

Something’s wrong in the city of Akkron. When Wren discovers her teacher is a member of a secret group called The Dark Cloud, she has no choice but to open an illegal portal to earth. When she returns home, she finds she has brought back a boy named Graham, and she doesn’t have the power to take him home.

Graham’s goal in life is to get a basketball scholarship and become a doctor so he can help people and be free of his controlling aunt. His plans are derailed when he finds himself transported to a strange and magical world. With the help of new friends, Graham must confront the problem the adults are afraid to act on. As Graham becomes involved in an ancient prophecy, he comes to suspect he might not be a stranger to Akkron after all.

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