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Dealing With Teen Anxiety

Dealing With Teen Anxiety

by Maggie Lovange

FBT review:

Are you a teen or young adult dealing with anxiety? Look no further! "Dealing With Teen Anxiety" by Maggie Lovange is the perfect book for you. Dive into the inner thoughts of teenagers and understand their anxiety like never before. Discover why they react the way they do and gain insight into how the teenage brain works. This book applies cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to everyday life, helping you overcome anxiety and build confidence. Learn how happiness can become an addiction and how to find true happiness. With this book, you'll finally understand what teens think but don't want to share. Don't miss out on this indie book that offers inspiration and guidance for those seeking to navigate the challenges of anxiety as a teen or young adult.

Publisher Description:

"In this book, you will discover:
How to get inside their thoughts to understand their anxiety
Why do teenagers react this way
How the teenage brain works
Application of cognitive behavioural therapy in everyday life
How what makes us feel happy makes us addicted
How to help your child be happy and confident
What are teens think but do not want to share with us?"

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