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Love In Venice

Love In Venice (True Love)

by Mollie Mathews

FBT review:

Discover the enchanting romance of Love In Venice (True Love) by Mollie Mathews. This captivating story follows Maggie, whose life takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself rescued by the wealthy Italian man, Mauro, in Venice. As they explore their shared love for art and the beauty of the city, Maggie and Mauro's chemistry becomes undeniable.

Perfect for fans of Sarah Morgan and Danielle Steel, Love In Venice is a heartwarming tale that will leave you cheering for their relationship to flourish. Whether you're a fan of indie book titles or searching for your next great read, this novel will transport you to the magical world of Venice and immerse you in a story filled with love, passion, and the power of art.

If you enjoy Love In Venice, be sure to check out Mathew's other contemporary romance novels, including Love All of Me, Sex With Strangers, Flight of Passion, and Claimed by The Sheikh. Dive into the True Love Stories series or indulge in the shorter Passion Down Under Sassy Short Stories collection for an entertaining escape. Experience the joy of love in the breathtaking setting of Venice today!

Publisher Description:


One summer could change everything. . .
When two hopelessly mismatched people share a love for art, a passion for love and a city like Venice, nothing is truly impossible...or is it?

Maggie’s life isn’t going like she planned. When toxic stress levels force dramatic changes, she grabs a chance at a fresh start. But her holiday in Venice begins with disaster. She finds herself rescued by a tall, dark, impossibly wealthy Italian man named Mauro.

The two are completely unlike—Maggie leads by her head, and Mauro listens to his heart. While each has compelling reasons to stay apart, the magic of art and beauty of Venice brings them together.

Fans of Sarah Morgan and Danielle Steel will love this feel-good romance!

“I loved this story! Love In Venice leans toward the heart. Where love is the main character. Where you cheer for their relationship to flourish.”

~ Jan Z.

"Love In Venice is a warmly romantic story. I loved that their hearts seemed to speak to each other almost from their first meeting. I love that we get to see how their lives unfold and their beautiful love for each other."

~ JoAnne W.

Love In Venice is part of Mollie Mathew’s much-loved series, True Love Stories.

If this is the first time you have read a True Love story, you can easily read each book as a standalone.

Enjoy other full-length contemporary romances by Mollie Mathews: Love All of Me, Sex With Strangers, Flight of Passion and Claimed by The Sheikh. Or consider a brief escape and enjoy her Passion Down Under Sassy Short Stories series.

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