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The Krubera Conspiracy

The Krubera Conspiracy

by Jeff Buick

FBT review:

Looking for a thrilling mystery book that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish? Look no further than The Krubera Conspiracy by Jeff Buick. This indie book follows the story of Ross and Damon Fraser, two brothers on an elite caving team attempting a new world depth record. However, things quickly take a dangerous turn when they arrive in the breakaway republic of Abkhazia and are thrown into prison by the head of the country’s intelligence network. The brothers are given an ultimatum, with only Damon remaining on the surface to uncover a conspiracy surrounding the upcoming election. Meanwhile, Ross must continue deeper into the Krubera cave with the team, facing life-threatening challenges along the way.

Filled with twists and turns, The Krubera Conspiracy will have you guessing until the very end. This thrilling adventure is perfect for fans of indie book titles looking for a heart-pumping read.

Publisher Description:

Krubera – deepest cave in the world. What could possibly go wrong?

As it turns out, quite a lot.

Ross and Damon Fraser are brothers on an elite caving team attempting a new world depth record, but the wheels come off the moment they arrive in the tiny breakaway republic of Abkhazia. Akhar Kutsnia, head of the country’s shadowy intelligence network, throws them in prison and gives them an ultimatum.

Damon, a lawyer for the CIA, will remain on the surface to ferret out who is meddling with Abkhazia’s upcoming election, while Ross continues down the cave with the team. If Damon refuses to help, or is unsuccessful, Ross will not make it out of the cave alive.

Thrust into Kutsnia’s murky world of covert ops, Damon teams up with Kari Howland, an analyst out of the CIA’s London office. Together, as the election ticks ever closer, they begin to peel back the layers of a deadly conspiracy.

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