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Surface Tension

Surface Tension

by Christine Kling

FBT review:

Introducing "Surface Tension," a thrilling mystery novel by Christine Kling that is sure to captivate readers who crave hair-raising sea stories and tales of Florida's underworld. Available on, this indie book is a hidden gem that promises an adrenaline-pumping reading experience.

When salvage captain Seychelle Sullivan responds to a distress call from a yacht, she stumbles upon a gruesome murder scene and her ex-boyfriend, Neal, goes missing. However, Seychelle soon finds herself at the center of suspicion, facing the possibility of being framed for the crime. Determined to clear her name and find the true culprit, Seychelle embarks on a treacherous journey that takes her from Florida's glitzy waterfront to its seedy underbelly.

As she delves deeper into the twisted mystery, Seychelle realizes that every clue brings her closer to a killer who is intent on silencing her for good. With heart-stopping chase scenes through the eerie Everglades, this book is a nail-biting thrill ride from start to finish.

If you are a fan of indie book titles and are seeking your next gripping read, don't miss out on "Surface Tension" by Christine Kling. Order your copy today and join Seychelle Sullivan as she fights for her life and unravels a web of deception.

Publisher Description:

When salvage captain Seychelle Sullivan answers a yacht’s distress call, she finds a grisly murder scene—and her ex Neal missing. With police eyeing her as the prime suspect, Seychelle dives into unraveling a twisted mystery from Florida’s glitzy waterfront to its seedy underbelly. Every clue draws her closer to a killer who wants her dead.

If you like hair-raising sea stories, tales of Florida's underworld, and chase scenes through the Everglades, you'll love Surface Tension and Seychelle Sullivan.

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