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Sovereign Assassin

Sovereign Assassin

by Robert New

FBT review:

Looking for your next thrilling read? Look no further than "Sovereign Assassin" by Robert New. This gripping mystery takes place in the fictional European country of Tantalia, where Princess Niobe is being trained to take the throne. However, she harbors a dark secret – she is secretly trained to kill the businessman responsible for her parents' deaths. With the promise of "sovereign immunity," Princess Niobe believes she can assassinate without fear of prosecution.

But when her second kill is caught on video, her identity as an assassin is revealed. Instead of outrage, the citizens of Tantalia seem accepting of their Queen's deadly activities. In a twist of events, a TV producer proposes a reality TV show about her next kill. With worldwide attention on her, how will the world respond to a sovereign assassin?

This exhilarating tale will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Don't miss out on the chance to read "Sovereign Assassin" – a thrilling, fresh read by indie author Robert New.

Publisher Description:

In the tiny European country of Tantalia, Princess Niobe is being groomed to ascend to the throne. Secretly, the Princess has been trained by her martial arts instructor, Gethan, to kill the businessman responsible for her parent’s deaths. Once queen, she will have ‘sovereign immunity’ and be free to kill without prosecution.

Niobe strikes and then again, but unbeknownst to her, her second kill is caught on video and she is identified as an assassin. Her people, however, seem accepting of the idea and of their Queen’s unconventional shadowy activities. Then a TV producer comes to her with a novel idea – how about a reality tv show about her next kill?

Safe in the knowledge she can’t be prosecuted Niobe ponders, and eventually agrees. But there are more questions than answers… for a start – how will the world respond to a sovereign assassin?

Sovereign Assassin is a rollicking romp of a story, fresh from the mind of speculative fiction/fantasy author Robert New, and promises to entertain, intrigue, and fascinate from beginning to end.

Promotion: Jun 16, 2024 - Jun 20, 2024

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