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Reunion, Runes & Revenge

Reunion, Runes & Revenge

by Beverly A. Rearick

FBT review:

Are you a fan of indie books? Looking for your next captivating mystery? Look no further than "Reunion, Runes & Revenge" by Beverly A. Rearick. In this thrilling paranormal cozy mystery, Samantha Reitenbach, a non-magical witch, must navigate her 20th high school reunion, only to be thrown into a web of danger and dark magic. When a classmate falls to their death, Samantha races against time to unravel cryptic runes and protect her friends from impending doom. With tensions rising and old grudges resurfacing, this novel combines suspense, romance, and supernatural elements to create a gripping story. Don't miss out on this page-turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Get your copy of "Reunion, Runes & Revenge" today!

Publisher Description:

Shadows of yesteryear return...

Within the town of Moonflower, Samantha Reitenbach must face her greatest challenge yet. Her 20th high school reunion. As a non-magical witch caught between worlds, she has already weathered dangerous mysteries and unraveled treacherous secrets. Yet, nothing compares to facing her old classmates. But when one of them falls from the rafters, it triggers a chain of events that threatens to unleash chaos.

As Samantha races against time to decipher the cryptic runes burned on her classmate’s hand, she discovers that some things from the past aren’t exactly what she thought. With the Paranormal Council closing in and an unexpected reunion with her deceased husband, Samantha must confront her own issues while protecting her friends from impending doom and thwarting the sinister forces at play.

Tensions rise as an old spirit seeks revenge, and personal histories intertwine in dangerous ways. Suspense, romance, and dark magic combine in a tale of old grudges and second chances.

Reunion, Runes & Revenge is the third paranormal cozy mystery in the Moonflower Mystery Series

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