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Purr Purr Purloin: A Cozy Animal Mystery

Purr Purr Purloin: A Cozy Animal Mystery (Ruff McPaw Mysteries Book 6)

by Max Parrott

FBT review:

Enter the charming world of Angela Atkinson and her trusty furry sidekick, Ruff McPaw, in "Purr Purr Purloin: A Cozy Animal Mystery" by Max Parrott. Angela, a seasoned private investigator, teams up with Ruff, a clever and intuitive dog, to solve baffling cases in their small town.

When the local librarian is found dead, Angela's boyfriend suspects foul play. Despite the police dismissing it as suicide, Angela and Ruff uncover a series of strange clues that suggest otherwise. With the library's pet cat as their only witness, they must unravel a web of deceit and outsmart a cunning killer.

"Purr Purr Purloin" is the sixth book in the delightful Ruff McPaw Mysteries series, filled with picturesque small-town charm and heartwarming animal companions. If you enjoy captivating cozy mysteries with intelligent pets, this novel is a must-read. Join Angela and Ruff as they uncover secrets, untangle mysteries, and navigate their way through an intriguing world of twists and turns. Grab your copy now to embark on an unforgettable adventure alongside these endearing characters.

Publisher Description:

A feline witness, a deadly secret, and a web of deceit…

Forty-year-old Angela Atkinson has successfully established her own private investigation business with her partner-in-paws, Ruff McPaw. Together, they’ve solved several cases, using Angela’s smarts and Ruff’s nose and intuition.

When Nancy Flanders, the town librarian, is found dead of apparent suicide, Angela’s boyfriend David, a long-time library patron and Nancy’s friend, suspects foul play. He knows she was about to leave on a Caribbean cruise, so why would she abruptly end her life?

The investigation causes friction between Angela and Chief Helbar, head of the local police, who is up to his ears in an embezzlement investigation. He dismisses murder, citing Nancy’s suicide note which was personally handwritten.

As Angela dives further into the case, she and Ruff discover an odd clue in the note and some unusual things about the crime scene that don’t quite add up. Things come to a head when the duo find the library’s pet cat covered in a strange, powdery substance, leading them to believe that he is the sole witness to a meticulously disguised murder. Angela and Ruff must use all their smarts to piece together the strange clues and outwit a terrifyingly manipulative mastermind…

Purr Purr Purloin is the sixth book in the Ruff McPaw Mysteries series. If you adore intriguing cozy mysteries with beautiful small towns and a really adorable dog, then you won’t want to miss out on Angela and Ruff's fun and unforgettable cases.

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