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Hunted Highways: Road Trip Horror

Hunted Highways: Road Trip Horror

by Rowland Jr.

FBT review:

Embark on a spine-chilling journey with "Hunted Highways: Road Trip Horror" by Rowland Jr. This collection of three horror novellas takes you on a terrifying road trip where each mile brings new horrors and thrills. From a vengeful avian onslaught in "B.I.R.D.S" to a chilling encounter with Dracula and Lucifer in "Dracula and the Devil Walk Into a Bar," and a macabre turn of events in "Road Wrath," these tales will keep you on the edge of your seat. Perfect for fans of indie horror fiction, this book promises suspense, terror, and unexpected twists at every turn. Don't miss out on the chilling thrills of "Hunted Highways" - get your copy today!

Publisher Description:

Embark on a journey into terror, where every mile is marked by suspense and horror. These three horror novellas transform travel into a treacherous adventure where the next stop could be your last.

B.I.R.D.S by Rowland Bercy Jr.: In B.I.R.D.S, a 2023 reimagining of Hitchcock's classic, a group of friends embarks on a cross-country trip, unwittingly stirring a vengeful avian onslaught. Raquel, Robert, Karen, and David face chaos and carnage, learning that appearances deceive and the price of their actions can be deadly. This bone-chilling tale weaves a narrative of suspense and consequence in a world where one particular conspiracy theory is proven true.

Dracula and the Devil Walk Into a Bar by Lucas Mangum: After a team of hunters raid their fortress, Dracula and Lucifer hit the road in search of a new place to call home. They stop at a roadside bar in an unincorporated locale to meet with a vampire named Mina. All three creatures of the night have the potential for violence. And none of them can resist the call of bloodshed. The people in this wood-paneled, neon-lit establishment are about to meet Hell itself.

Road Wrath by Carver Pike: For Melanie and her friends, this fun-filled trip to tour their favorite college campus is about to take a violent and macabre turn. If only they’d kept driving, if only they’d stayed far away from that rest stop, if only they’d been more polite when they encountered the creepy old couple. Now, it’s too late for apologies. Road Wrath is coming.

Brace yourself for a ride into the heart of darkness. Grab your copy of Hunted Highways now and discover the chilling thrills that await at every turn!

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