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Ghost Mortem: A Ghost Cozy Mystery Series

Ghost Mortem: A Ghost Cozy Mystery Series

by ReGina Welling & Erin Lynn

FBT review:

Unlock the supernatural with *Ghost Mortem*, an enthralling cozy mystery you won't want to put down. Join Everly Dupree as she navigates the complexities of life after a string of unfortunate events leads her back to her hometown. When her high-school sweetheart's ghost appears, she becomes entangled in a ghostly murder mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Will Everly uncover the truth behind Hudson Montayne's death before time runs out? Perfect for fans of cozy mysteries and ghostly tales, this novel by ReGina Welling & Erin Lynn is a spellbinding blend of mystery and the paranormal that will leave you yearning for more. Get your copy of *Ghost Mortem* today and embark on a hauntingly good read.

Publisher Description:

You might not believe in ghosts, but sometimes they believe in you…
Everly Dupree is having a bad day. The kick you in the teeth, set your pants on fire, make you question everything kind of bad day.
At the end of it, her marriage is over, she’s essentially homeless, and finds herself in a moving van headed back to her hometown of Mooselick River, Maine.
At least, she tells herself, things can’t get any worse.
But, of course, they can. The next things she knows, Everly’s staying at the Bide-A-Way motel with a deadline of a week to get her life in order, and it isn’t looking good.
Enter Martha Tipton who offers Everly the chance to buy the town’s haunted house for the ridiculously low amount owed in back taxes. Everly signs on the dotted line, but before she can move into her new place, the dead body of Hudson Montayne, her high-school sweetheart, turns up in the next motel room.
Just when Everly thinks she’s won the grand prize in the bad luck sweepstakes, her life takes a turn into the paranormal.
Hudson’s ghost comes haunting, and since she is the only one who can see him, refuses to leave until Everly solves the mystery of his death.
Will Everly bring a killer to justice? Or will the end of her story read, and she lived Haunted Everly After?

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