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Crime Traveler - Justice Takes Time: Victims of Unsolved Murders Get Revenge

Crime Traveler - Justice Takes Time: Victims of Unsolved Murders Get Revenge (Justified)

by David Armstrong

FBT review:

Discover a thrilling and unique mystery in Crime Traveler - Justice Takes Time: Victims of Unsolved Murders Get Revenge (Justified) by David Armstrong. Step into the world of Dr. Jules Harvey, an asylum psychiatrist who listens to the chilling stories of her patients. Little does she know, these patients hold the key to solving their own murders.

Meanwhile, crime scene investigator Joyce Davenport is determined to bring justice to the unjust. As she delves into a series of cold cases spanning over a century, she stumbles upon a connection that defies logic. Evidence from decades-old crimes is being shared with her, leading her to seek the help of Dr. Harvey.

As the two women join forces, they uncover a shocking truth - the victims themselves possess the evidence needed to find their killers. With each page, Armstrong weaves a compelling narrative that will have you on the edge of your seat.

If you're a fan of indie mystery novels and are looking for your next thrilling read, Crime Traveler - Justice Takes Time is the perfect choice. Don't miss out on this gripping tale of revenge and justice, available now on

Publisher Description:

An insane asylum psychiatrist finds that her patients have many stories to tell. The voices have the evidence to find their killers. Someone is finally listening.

In 1968, Dr. Harvey left the closed-minded boys club of Harvard and takes a role at Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane. When she arrives, she finds the place clean, full of patients, but empty of anyone that cares. It was emotionally sterile. Most patients are drugged and isolated. She stops the drugs, asks questions, and listens to their stories. She records the stories from the many personalities she uncovers, all of them had been murdered and are still missing.

Joyce Davenport is a senior crime scene investigator focused on making the unjust pay, having seen thousands of scenes she can not unsee. She is determined and tenacious and never lets a cold case sit for too long. Her most recent case follows a trail of cold cases over a century old to one that occurred just last month. There is evidence consistent amongst the murders, she doesn’t yet know how that is possible. The location of decades-old evidence is being shared with her, only something the killer would know. She is surprised at what she learns. She reaches out to Dr. Jules Harvey, a prominent, outspoken psychiatrist, educated at Harvard, now more than eighty years old.

Joyce discovers what she can't believe to be true, the victims have the evidence to find the real killers.

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