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Chasing the Dragon: Dark Vigilante Justice Thriller Novel

Chasing the Dragon: Dark Vigilante Justice Thriller Novel

by Mark Towse

FBT review:

Discover a new kind of superhero in "Chasing the Dragon" by Mark Towse. Follow Simon Dooley, a trauma-driven vigilante armed with dog poop bags, as he takes on the seedy underbelly of a town in desperate need of a hero. With a mix of dark humor and gritty justice, this thriller novel offers a unique blend of genres, from horror to comedy, that will keep readers hooked from start to finish. If you're a fan of indie titles and looking for your next gripping read, "Chasing the Dragon" is a must-add to your list. Join Simon on his quest for vigilante justice and see if he can clean up the streets in this captivating and unconventional tale.

Publisher Description:

A town on its knees, dread's bony fingers wrapping around its throat and squeezing, death rattles soon to follow.

Drugs, filth, and a lack of human decency are starving it of hope.

Introducing Simon Dooley, our trauma-driven wannabe superhero, the relentless voice of his dead mother pleading with him to "end the chaos." Dressed in a leotard and armed only with a dozen dog poop bags, Simon's plight will find him falling in love and going head to head with the seediest characters walking the streets.

The town needed a hero... it got Reformo.

Early Arc reviews:
'Tragic and as funny as all Hell!' 'Hands down, Towse's best work.'
'The read of the year for me.' 'Had me laughing one minute and crying the next.'
'Beyond superb.'
'A kick-ass blend of Sin City's dark atmosphere and the unconventional heroism of Unbreakable.'
Freaking hilarious, but gnarly as Hell.'


‘We’ve got ourselves a new superhero friends. A story about one Big man, his too-tight leotard, and the haunting voice in his head screaming at him to clean up the streets.

Chasing the Dragon is hands down, the most fun I’ve ever had with an ARC.

Mark Towse has given us a new humanitarian hero narrative; a perfect mix of satire and sincerity. It’s a kick-ass blend of Sin City’s dark atmosphere and the unconventional heroism of Unbreakable. Beneath the comedic surface, the novel tackles some serious themes like domestic abuse and poverty and while it clearly pokes fun at certain elements, it never loses sight of the weightier subjects it addresses.

“Chasing The Dragon is a hybrid of all genres, a fever-dream mash-up of horror, fantasy, comedy, crime, thriller, mystery, and even a bit of bloody romance.”

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