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Against the Clock: Tales of Mystery and Suspense

Against the Clock: Tales of Mystery and Suspense (Dark Tide Horror Novellas Book 8)

by Mark Gunnells

FBT review:

Discover three gripping mystery novellas in "Against the Clock: Tales of Mystery and Suspense." In "Septic" by Mark Allan Gunnells, a trapped student must find a way to escape when his appendix bursts. In "Subscription Due" by Shane Nelson, a man's perfect life is shattered when he receives a strange notice and violent men come seeking payment. And in "Pixelated" by Brandon Ford, Tanner uncovers a decades-old crime while cleaning out his late grandfather's property. Perfect for fans of small town mysteries and suspenseful thrillers, this anthology will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don't miss out on these dark and haunting tales. Get your copy today!

Publisher Description:

Three suspenseful mystery novellas with a dark edge…

Septic by Mark Allan Gunnells: The year is 1988. When Carl finds himself trapped in a school bathroom with a faulty lock over Christmas break, things seem bad. When the pain in his abdomen increases and he realizes his appendix has burst, things get worse. Can he manage to free himself in time?

Subscription Due by Shane Nelson: Rupert Seville is living an idyllic life. A successful writer married to an amazing woman, everything seems to have fallen into place. But when a strange notice arrives in the mail, Rupert's idyllic world is turned upside down. It is a “Subscription Due" notice for a magazine to which he's never subscribed. Beneath the surface, it is far more than that and the arrival of two violent men with murder on their minds only makes it clearer. Rupert doesn’t know it, but the amount he owes is far more than he’s able to pay. The past itself has come due, and Rupert has no idea of the terror about to be unleashed. When the world he thinks he knows begins to unravel and the truth of the past catches up to him, it is up to Rupert Seville to find a way to settle old debts and escape a horror that isn't of this world.

Pixelated by Brandon Ford: After the passing of his grandfather, Tanner returns to his hometown to clean out the property willed to him. However, what he finds holds the key to an unsolved crime decades-old and shows just how little he knew of his former father figure.

This novella anthology is perfect for fans of mystery and suspense books, thrillers, small town mysteries, unsolved crimes, and a bit of horror.

Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.

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