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Madness From the Sea

Madness From the Sea

by Jonathon T Cross

FBT review:

Discover the gripping horror novel, "Madness From the Sea," by Jonathon T Cross. This indie book follows the unsettling journey of Frances Smith as she documents her visions of a tentacled deity in her private journal. When her husband, Donnie, stumbles upon her writings, he desperately tries to save their failing marriage. However, with Frances' sanity slipping and her obsessions taking hold, their efforts prove futile. As Frances finds solace in her online followers, a cloaked fanatic reveals her deep connection to the dark world of Cthulhu. Determined to awaken the ancient creature and consummate their union, Frances sets sail on a treacherous voyage to R'lyeh. Lies, betrayal, and unimaginable horrors await in this modern fanfiction sequel to Lovecraft's "The Call of Cthulhu." Don't miss out on this thrilling and suspenseful read. Get your copy of "Madness From the Sea" now!

Publisher Description:

Frances Smith chronicled her visions of a tentacled deity in her private journal, but it was a mistake to believe her husband wouldn’t read it.

When Donnie discovers her journal, he tries everything to save their failing marriage, but as Frances’ sanity slips and her obsessions take hold, he realizes his efforts are in vain. Frances will only confide in her online followers, some of whom claim to be experiencing the same twisted phenomena.

Their worlds implode when a cloaked fanatic shares his intimate knowledge of Cthulhu and reveals Frances’ personal connection to the past. With newfound validation, Frances is determined to awaken the creature who has summoned her and consummate their union.

To reach Cthulhu’s isle, she’ll need to align her followers with the Cthulhu Cultists on an ill-fated voyage to R’lyeh. Lies, betrayal, and death untold await in this modern fanfiction sequel to Lovecraft’s classic tale of horror, The Call of Cthulhu.

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