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Tally of the Tides

Tally of the Tides

by Monica Boothe

FBT review:

Embark on a thrilling 17th-century adventure with "Tally of the Tides" by Monica Boothe. Follow the daring journey of Inès, a French noble fleeing her past for the high seas, where she encounters the handsome pirate captain, Will Sands. Captured and held for ransom, Inès must navigate treacherous waters, sea serpents, and her own conflicting desires for independence and unexpected love. This enemies-to-lovers romance is filled with swashbuckling action and just a hint of magic, reminiscent of "Daughter of the Pirate King." If you enjoy indie book titles and crave a gripping tale of adventure and romance, "Tally of the Tides" is the perfect choice for your next read.

Publisher Description:

irates. Sea serpents. Perilous waters. It doesn’t matter what she has to face, Inès knows one thing. She will never go back.

Inès fled her opulent life as French nobility for adventure on the high seas. But when Will Sands, a handsome young pirate captain, captures her ship and holds her for ransom, she fears she’ll lose the precious independence she’s fought so hard to gain. Inès hatches a plot to sabotage her captors’ ship, but after a few shared adventures with these pirates she begins to question what it is exactly that she’s searching for.

Tally of the Tides is a 17th century swashbuckling adventure and enemies to lovers romance with just a splash of magic. Perfect for readers who liked Daughter of the Pirate King.

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