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Magian High

Magian High

by Lia London

FBT review:

Welcome to the thrilling world of Magian High, a contemporary fantasy by Lia London that pushes the boundaries of imagination. In the halls of this unique school, you'll find all the typical high school cliques: athletes, book nerds, and even bullies. But there's one group that stands out among the rest—mages.

Senior Kincaid Riley thought that integrating mages and nomers would be a great idea, promoting unity and learning from each other. However, when dark forces begin to threaten the school, Kincaid must rally the students together to fight for their lives and show that differences don't have to divide us.

Drawing inspiration from timely social issues, Magian High is a must-read for fans of indie book titles. If you're looking for a captivating story filled with friendship, adventure, and the power of unity, this is the perfect ebook to add to your reading list. Discover the magic of Magian High on today!

Publisher Description:

Magian High has the all the usual cliques. Athletes, book nerds, bullies... mages.

Senior Kincaid Riley really thought desegregating the school district would be a great idea. Why wouldn't mages and nomers want to learn from each other? But when the usual Punkers bullying the freshmen are overshadowed by more sinister attacks, he knows he has to rally students together to fight for unity.... and their lives!

This timely teen contemporary fantasy shows how our differences don't have to divide us.

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