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Ferryl Shayde - Book 2 - A Student Body

Ferryl Shayde - Book 2 - A Student Body

by Vance Huxley

FBT review:

Ferryl Shayde - Book 2 - A Student Body by Vance Huxley is a thrilling fantasy novel that will take readers on a magical journey. The story follows Abel, a fifteen-year-old boy who discovered Ferryl Shayde, a disembodied sorceress trapped for 200 years. As Abel and his friends learn magic, they find themselves in a dangerous situation as more people discover their powers, putting both them and their families at risk. The only way to protect themselves is to learn enough magic to survive, but with homework and parents getting in the way, it proves to be quite a challenge.

Filled with sorcerers, magical creatures, and a spooky old house wreathed in powerful magical protection, this book is sure to captivate any reader who loves a good fantasy adventure. With a mix of action, suspense, and awe-inspiring moments, Ferryl Shayde - Book 2 - A Student Body is a must-read for anyone seeking an engrossing indie book title. Get your copy today and join Abel and his friends on an epic adventure!

Publisher Description:

When fifteen-year-old Abel discovered Ferryl Shayde, the disembodied sorceress, and freed her from her 200 years trapped in a pit, he never bargained on finding out about magic. Though when she moved into his tattoo and began the lessons, it all seemed like a lot of fun for him and his friends. They even added just a little magic to the board game Abel and his two best friends were developing. But magic is everywhere and a hint is enough to lead some people into casting their first glyph.

A growing number of beta players, fellow students testing the game, are discovering their own magic, leaving Abel and his friends scrambling to teach them enough to stay safe. As more and more entities look closer at Brinsford, Abel's village, he and his friends desperately try to learn enough magic to protect themselves and their families. That would be much easier without homework and parents interfering.

The sorcerers, magical creatures and vicar Creepio Mysterio all seem interested in whatever powerful creature or artifact lies at the heart of Castle House, a big, spooky old house wreathed in powerful magical protection. Abel and his friends are the only ones who can pass through the magical barrier around Castle House gardens.

But what will they risk to get inside Castle House itself?

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